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Halo is the newest brand from the team that brought you Spaza Store and is delivering dish covers for global markets. A Dish Cover is a fabric cover that protects your food. It’s appeal is both decorative and as an eco-friendly solution for cling wrap to cover food in the fridge, on the table or when transporting.

Artist Mentorship Programme

Spaza is loved for its commitment to uplifting South African crafts people. We are carrying this initiative through to Halo by giving young South African designers the opportunity to pitch on the print design for our dish covers. We have done this successfully with our first collection of Halo Dish Covers which launched in August 2020. We are currently putting together our 2022 collection, and we are inviting designers and artists to put forward concept drawings.


 Artists selected for our 2020 collection 

2022 Themes:

  • Sea Life
  • African Flowers
  • Butterflies and Dragonflies
  • African Trees
  • Herbs

Objective: To create a contemporary one-colour series of prints with a modern, sophisticated and happy feel.

Tone: Current, Modern, Contemporary, Universal

Medium: Black and white illustrations or digital graphics in circles ready to be shot for screen.

Sizes for consideration: 

Circle Diameters: 12cm, 15cm, 17cm, 21cm, 28cm, 32cm

Square: 22cm

Rectangle: 21cm x 30cm

How it Works:

  • Submit an artwork pitch with two design sketches based on the above themes. Pitches must include a colour pallet, and 2 simple sentences describing your concept to: . Also include a little information about yourself and reference other work you have done. You do this for free and it doesn’t cost you anything.
  • You are welcome to pitch on more than one theme, however you can only be awarded one.
  • If your pitch is selected, you will be asked to build out your idea into a series of prints in the sizes and shapes required for our products. Approximately 6-8 layouts. You can reuse components of the print however each design needs to be unique. See our Protea Series to give you an idea. 
  • Selected artists will be paid when you hand in your work on or before the deadline. 
  • Midway through the project we will set up an appointment for a progress check in and to take your photo for a marketing campaign featuring you and your artwork. We will use this photo and blurb on social media, websites, in store, buyer catalogues. You are not paid separately for this.
  • All chosen artists will be obliged to sign an agreement with Halo Dish Covers.  
  • Do not pitch on this job if you struggle to work to a deadline. 


This is a tight timeline allowing only one week per stage due to presentation deadlines.

  • Pitch Deadline: 28th February 2021
  • Acceptance announcement: 4th  March 2021
  • First check in and photo shoot 11th  March 2021
  • Final handover by 18th March 2021

A few hints and tricks:

We have found customers preferred designs with less white as they show less dirt and make bolder statements. Too much solid colour is not great either because the cost of ink becomes expensive, so please keep it balanced. Please note final designs are screen printed which means very thin fine lines do not translate very well into print.

Email with any questions about the process. 




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