Green With Living - Welcome Michelle Vale!

We are excited to introduce Michelle Vale, the founder of "Green with Living," as our newest Nature's Guardian Angel. With a background deeply rooted in sustainable fashion, Michelle is an inspiration to us to live greener lives. 

Michelle's journey began in the world of fashion, where she not only created stylish designs but also championed locality and sustainability. Her creations, embraced by global retailers and celebrities alike, showcased the perfect blend of style and conscience. Beyond fashion, Michelle's passion led her to co-found and produce the transformative documentary, "Make in America: Empowering Global Fashion," and contribute insightful articles to platforms like HuffPost and Thrive Global.  

Michelle is embarking on an exciting new project, "This Old House," where history meets sustainability. Through updates on social media, we will witness the revival of a 1890s home, blending ageless charm with modern eco-friendly living.

Welcome, Michelle - we look forward to following you as you inspire us on your green journey. 

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Instagram: @greenwithliving

Tiktok: @greenwithliving

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