DIY Valentine's Day Date Ideas to Celebrate Your Love

No matter how long you’ve been with your significant other, Valentine’s Day can put stress on your relationship. Between restaurant reservations and scouring the mall looking for the perfect gift, going the traditional Valentine’s route can be, well, boring. 

Why not take the non-conventional path and try something different that your honey will love? Whether you want to channel your inner child or spice things up (in the kitchen, of course 😉), here are some date ideas that will have you both feeling the love without emptying your pockets in the process. 

For the lover who enjoys the outdoors

If you and your bae are fans of nature, then this is the perfect date for you! Pack your favourite treats into a picnic basket and head into the great outdoors for some much-needed R&R. Make sure to pack in your Halos to prevent bugs from getting into your food!

For those in a colder climate, why not bring the outdoors in with an indoor picnic? Simply crack open your favourite bottle of wine and prepare a delicious cheese board. Get the fire burning and enjoy some romantic time with your person!

For the lover with a sweet tooth

Nothing says “I love you” quite like indulging your lover’s sweet tooth! And what better way to get the job done than with some decadent pancakes? 

From trusted cinnamon sugar to silky red velvet, pancakes are a sweet breakfast staple and are so simple to make, that you can even prep them beforehand. Simply make your batter the night before, pop it into a bowl and cover with a Halo so that it’s ready as soon as you wake up the next morning. Top with maple syrup, fresh strawberries or whatever else your heart desires. 

For the lover who enjoys a bit of spice

Break the routine and plan something interactive by creating a nacho bar. This DIY bar is the ideal way to bond with your sweetheart and indulge their love of all things spicy in the process. 

Simply add some tortilla chips to a plate and place on a counter or table along with your fave toppings. Some good suggestions include jalapenos, sour cream, guacamole, salsa, black beans, fried beef mince and shredded chicken.  You can utilise your Halos to cover your prepared dishes until you and your lover are ready to dig in. 

For the solo player

Valentine’s Day doesn’t always have to be about relationships. You can catch your own arrow and dedicate the day of love to yourself! And honestly, why wouldn’t you? Enjoy not having to share your food or having your movie interrupted by treating yourself to a self-care day at home. 

Start by cooking yourself a feast of your fave foods and follow this up with a DIY spa treatment from the comfort of your own couch. Or line up your favourite movies or series and make a day of it! Either way, you deserve it, so treat yourself. 

Whether you’re celebrating indoors or choosing to head out, these affordable DIY Valentine’s Day date ideas are sure to make your time with your loved one an unforgettable experience. 

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