Santa Soaked Storytelling Initiative

Have you ever wondered what magic would come about if someone combined the splendor of Le Petit Prince with the visual appeal of The Lorax? Well, wonder no more as Nature’s newest Guardian Angel, Carl Lindemann, has taken it upon himself to add a new twist on a timeless tale. 

Carl’s book, titled Santa Soaked, tells a story of adaptation and survival as Santa’s home in the North Pole is under threat of melting, along with the rest of the Arctic. 

But why this story?

“The story of Santa’s life after the North Pole, an urgent call for youth empowerment, offers a fresh start for us all. For many grown-ups, the world of hope and possibility we grew up with seems distant. Now, we only hope that our worst fears for ourselves and our children aren’t realized as our abuse of nature threatens to shatter civilization.  How to regain the joyful spirit from when we were young enough to believe in Santa?,” Carl ponders. 

“Telling Santa’s timely tale of his spiritual rude awakening brings young and old together for a crucial conversation that is long overdue. By gathering to share our growing awareness, we can accept the challenges and get into action. That's how we find the way forward together. That's how we get back to a better tomorrow,” says Carl. 

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