Nicole Peach

The saying goes that nature is the inspiration for all ornamentation. For Nicole Peach, this rings true in every sense. 

Having grown up in the scenic city of Cape Town, South Africa, Nicole always wanted to explore a career in nature conservation but chose to journey into a creative path after excelling in art and design at school. 

She designed prints for our Dragonfly and Butterfly theme, showcasing her love for nature through her stunning work. When asked about the inspiration behind her prints, Nicole confirmed that she drew inspiration from the unique physical qualities of different species of dragonflies and butterflies. “The delicacy of my designs were inspired by the intricacy of the shapes and forms of the butterflies and dragonflies wings,” she says. 

South Africa is abundant with wildlife and flora and Nicole believes that this is the best thing about living in the country. “To live an outdoor lifestyle through all seasons of the year is sometimes unheard of in other parts of the world. We have the freedom to enjoy outdoor environments and activities all year round. We are not limited due to extreme weather changes,” Nicole reiterates. 

For Nicole, art can be used to address current social issues in a positive way through raising awareness, drawing attention to societal issues and by potentially sparking new ideas. “It can educate, empower and stoke empathy within our country’s current social issues,” she says. 

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