Kirsten Davidson

Innovation requires new ways of thinking and doing things. For Kirsten Davidson, innovation is something that comes naturally. 

Growing up in Grassy Park, Cape Town, Kirsten was always interested in art and enjoyed art as his favourite subject in school. “What drew me closer to art was the fact that you can be inspired by anything and create something entirely your own with just a pencil and paper,” he says. 

Kirsten designed prints for our Aloe theme, having been inspired by the organic lines and shapes on the petals of plants. “There were so many beautiful plants to work with, so it became a bit difficult to choose,” he says. 

Now freelancing and experimenting with eco-dye, Kirsten believes that art is a universal language that has the power to break borders and bring people together. “I do feel that artists have a great responsibility when it comes to conveying a message through their work,” he says. 

When asked what his favourite South African meal was, Kirsten claimed that it is, undoubtedly, he Gatsby. “A Gatsby is a South African submarine sandwich which includes a bread roll of chips and preference of fillings and sauces. It originated in Cape Town,” he says.

Follow Kirsten on Instagram at @kirstenleedavidson 

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