Gabriele Jacobs

Passion is one of the greatest forces that releases creativity and where creativity is concerned, Gabriele Jacobs knows no bounds!

Those familiar with the Halo brand will be familiar with this young artist's work following the release of our Utensils collection, featuring prints designed by Gabriele himself. Given how talented he is, however, we just had to work with him again!

Gabriele has designed prints for our new African Flowers theme, drawing inspiration from the wealth of beautiful flora that make up the landscape of the country. “We have such an astonishing wealth of seasonal flowers in South Africa, particularly around the Western Cape, and so I had no trouble finding reference material,” says Gabriele. 

Coming from a creative family, Gabriele was encouraged to draw from as early as he can remember and it’s this spirit that helped cultivate his skill into the stunning artwork that he produces today. “I believe everyone has the capability of being creative, but it is a skill that requires practice, and unfortunately, not everyone has the space to cultivate it,” he says. 

Gabriele believes that art can offer a way to highlight and interrogate social issues and that people should make use of their creative gifts to try to overcome challenges. “On a more practical level though, art is also a great tool for community upliftment, especially amongst children,” he reiterates. 

Follow Gabriele on Instagram at @guanciale_

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