Johanna Linde Interview

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in a small town in the Karoo, called Williston. Situated approx. 550km from CPT

While growing up, what did you want to be? 

I always wanted to be in a creative environment.  Whether creating different artworks, different designs (can be graphic, digital or clothing). Be in an environment where opportunities for others can be created – such as teaching the art of stitching clothes, patterns etc.

I have always longed for an opportunity where real change could be made. In the meantime, my Dream is to educate and empower women by teaching them skills to create a future for themselves.

You chose to pitch on our Edible Flower theme. What was your inspiration?

I chose the edible flowers, as flowers remind me of beauty and positivity. I try and see the beauty and positivity in everything around me.  

Elements and shapes used in my design theme:

Triangles are the strongest shape, any weight placed on them is evenly distributed between all three sides. The triangle in the design is a reminder of how strong you are.

The different flowers I used: 

Violet symbolizes innocence, modesty, true- and everlasting love. 

The pansy flower symbolizes the love or admiration of one person for another.

Chamomile - most commonly used for tea; while having a cup of tea, it’s a reminder to take time to sit, relax, reflect and making time for loved ones in your life and sharing a cup of tea with them in the busy world we’re in.

Do you have an Instagram or online profile? 


(As most of my work is online and on the screen, I try to take time off from being online in my free time)  We get that! 


When did you start your art practice?

After school in college in 2010 and I have started to freelance and design full time in 2018 after working in the corporate environment. 

Where are you in your career as a South African artist and graphic designer?

I am currently freelancing as a Graphic and Online Designer

How do you think art can be used to address current social issues in South Africa?

Art, in so many different ways, can empower the most vulnerable members of our society. It connects across many different cultures and engages in our shared values. It's a brilliant medium for educating society on different societal issues faced daily, and through education it can assist in creating opportunities.

Through art, people can be inspired to act socially, and think extraordinarily. People can express moods, desires, failures and achievements through art, giving meaning to most, and providing an income to some of the poorest.

Who is your favourite South African musician?

There is more than one, but I have been a fan of Karen Zoid from a young age.

I am not sure if the Ndlovu Youth Choir counts as musicians, but they are giving me goosebumps and make me feel proudly South African!

What is your favourite South African meal?

Vetkoek! And not any vetkoek, it should be ‘Tannie Anita’s vetkoek’ of the hostel from my school days! 

If you could go on holiday anywhere in South Africa this week – where would you go?

The Wild Coast of Transkei.

What is the best thing about living in South Africa?

I think it is just fair to give at least 5 reasons (since we have the Big 5 in South Africa) 

- Quality of life 

- Uniqueness in diversity

- Rich culture with loads of talents

- Beautiful Rainbow Nation that stands together and has hope for the future.

- We are surrounded by unparalleled beauty – from beautiful beaches, mountain ranges, and open desert skies to lush forests.

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