Gabriele Jacobs Interview


Where did you grow up?

I was born in Johannesburg and spent my childhood in Midrand- between Joburg and Pretoria

While growing up, what did you want to be? 

Apart from briefly wanting to be a chef, my passion has always been for art.

You chose to pitch on our Utensil theme. What was your inspiration?

I chose the utensil theme. I felt that this topic would give me an opportunity to focus on everyday objects which are often overlooked or underappreciated. I was also inspired by a mobile which hangs in my kitchen at home, which comprises of forks which have been twisted into interesting shapes. 

Do you have an Instagram or online profile? 


When did you start your art practice?

While I was in school I earned a bit of extra money by painting commissions (often pet portraits).

Where are you in your career as a South African artist?

I am currently still studying- last year I completed a Bachelor of Fine Art at the University of Cape Town, and am now working towards a Masters. 

How do you think art can be used to address current social issues in South Africa?

I like to think that art can offer a way to highlight and interrogate social issues, especially in the time of social media, in which images can be proliferated so quickly amongst people. In South Africa, a country with such a checkered past (and present), I believe it is necessary to make use of our creative gifts to try to overcome challenges.  On a more practical level though, art is also a great tool for community upliftment, especially amongst children.                            

Who is your favorite South African musician?

Simphiwe Dana or Alice Phoebe Lou 

What is your favorite South African meal?

Milk tart

If you could go on holiday anywhere in South Africa this week – where would you go?

We have such varied geography and so many beautiful places to visit its hard to single one out, but right now I’d love to return to the highveld to experience some thunderstorms.

 What is the best thing about living in South Africa?

I have a great love for birds and wildlife, so for me, I think the ability to experience our wealth of biodiversity is the best thing.

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